PSO2 NGS Micro-Stutter?

Are you having an issue with micro stutters in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis? Is the issue that you are experiencing a bit of lag randomly? A random hang up in the game where things just freeze and go back to normal? At first maybe you thought it was your internet, but you realized that that wasn’t the issue. Afterwards you think it’s your graphics settings and your realize that that was not the issue? Maybe you are also hearing the system sound of a USB device connecting and disconnecting every now and than too? You look at device manager to see what’s happening if anything odd is disappearing and reappearing, but can’t notice anything specific. Sorry for the preamble, but just wanted to make sure we were in the same boat.

Here’s the fix. It’s in your power settings. In you advanced power settings find and disable USB Selective Suspend Setting. DONE. You should be good now. That was my fix. Not the internet or your graphics settings, some dumb setting that shouldn’t be on by default on a desktop.

Here’s a visual guide.


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