Android Bluetooth Gaming Joypad (BSP-D3)

Borrowed this image from a customer review. These colors just look so nice.

I bought this Android Bluetooth joypad as a gift for someone. It’s a nice little device for very cheap. It has many options to be used across different devices, but it does so through button combinations which can get annoying if your didn’t keep the manual. Just for the sake of my own sanity I’m typing them down here.

X-Input (Xbox Controller) = Power + Right Shoulder Button
DS4 (PlayStation Controller) = Power + B
D-Input (Android Input) = Power + Left Shoulder Butto

Apparently this can also be used with the Nintendo Switch too! To do so…

Nintendo Switch (Pairing Mode) = Power + Right Trigger
The 1+2 lights will start flashing and you will need to the pairing section or change grip order setting. Once there you will need to click on both triggers on the controller to pair it to the Switch. It’ll show up as a pro controller.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who will be looking for the different modes for pairing.


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