Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 Audio Driver Issue

Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2

On 2023 of November I upgraded to a new motherboard to try a Gen 1 Ryzen 7 I got my hands on. I had issues with their sound drivers interfering with the sound drivers of my Logitech headphones. Whenever I joined a voice chat there was static on my end which I found out was caused by the the playback and recording device switching every second between each other. This was really annoying so just in case I reinstalled the sound driver from Gigabytes website version 6.0.9225.1. I had the same issue so I tried previous versions of the driver and had the same issue. I ended up using Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the driver and just use my headset’s mic and headphones. I’d try again about a month later.

The actual fix? You have to download Gigabyte’s APP Center. Once you open the software you have to download the latest updated driver there, 6.0.9313.1, which they do not list on their site. After installing no more issues and I got a convenient Realtek Audio Console application installed to manage the sound settings too.

Gotta’ click on the update button next to the gear icon .


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