Web Dev Boot Camp

Update: I quite the class. Maybe I’ll take it up in the future.

If you’ve read the I’m a Stupid post than you might have correctly guessed I don’t want such a thing to happen again. So I started taking this Web Dev Boot Camp course my cousin casually mentioned to me in passing some time ago. I’m tired of being clever enough to know what a problem might be, but not enough to fix it. Everything is a surface level understanding with me and that has to stop.

The class is going to cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a slew of other tools I can proudly add to my IT tool box. I’m hoping after this I’ll be a better than surface level nerd. I can’t fix problems beyond surface level. I mentioned that things breaking can be a good experience because you can learn from them, but if this happened to my bosses website that would be a painful ass lesson!

Was hoping I would be able to convince my sister to take the class with me, but I think she was intimidated by it. She could definitely do it though, she’s way smarter than me.

I am taking the class with my cousin though. That’ll do me real well when it comes to accountability. I tend to be bad at these self learning classes, so this time around I’m sure to finish it. He’s pretty bad at self learning too, so I’m sure it’ll do us both fantastic. We can carry this bridge together!

I’ll share the link to the class here. https://www.udemy.com/course/the-web-developer-bootcamp/


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