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  • Fediverse + Soapbox(Rebased)

    Fediverse + Soapbox(Rebased)

    tldr: If you’re having weird problems installing the Soapbox / Rebased Fediverse software on your server. Maybe make sure you open port 80 and 443. That worked for me. I like to get on the Fediverse for my social media fix. I’m not the tech savviest guy, but I do self host my own website…

  • Soapbox JSON Data

    Soapbox JSON Data

    I opened a Soapbox Fediverse site to play with. Learned a couple things doing that, but when I installed it, certain features were not working the way they should under the soapbox-config settings (I think this was all under the newer Soapbox3 front-end). None of the buttons on the front-end worked. The fix was to…